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Gurdjieff Movements: Peak of Alertness Both bodily and mental

To know something about Gurdjieff Movements, it is first pertinent to know about Gurdjieff who created them. George Gurdjieff was an enlightened devotee born in Armenia in 1866. From an early age, he started to examine the purpose of life, the creation of the universe and other such esoteric topics. At the age of 20, he set out on a journey persisting 20 years to the exotic lands of Central Asia, Egypt, Persia, Afghanistan, Tibet, India and other countries to visit spiritual places and people.

On his return to Russia in 1912, he began giving lectures, attracting admirers and followers and created 'sacred dances' but rather movements in a accurate order. He explained them as having a sure meaning secret beneath the outward form. His pupil and chronicler, P. D. Ouspensky, in his book, 'In crusade of the Miraculous' quotes the devotee as, "There is something like the planets of the solar theory in these dances. Each planet is at a sure length from the sun and when the theory starts, the spheres begin to move along prescribed paths reproducing the laws which govern the movements of the planets. There is something like this in the rhythm of sure dances."

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You have to be at the peak of your alertness, both corporal and mental, when you take part in Gurdjieff Movements. Seemingly simple, they require an agile body and a hyperactive mind as they are very accurate and strictly follow a fixed sequence. They look easy but are not, as it takes some time to get into the groove to achieve them accurately. They break all fixed patterns of your body and mind. They generate a space where the body, heart and operation can develop in lightness. As one goes deeper into these movements, one reaches a still, a silent point amid all the activity. In all the operation outside, one reaches the non-action inside at the centre. This experience is called 'Presence.' It is said that Gurdjieff would come to these dances, keep his eyes complete and direct the dancers to convert their movements as he wanted because they were so attuned to him. Even today, it is inherent for some groups to start these movements without music in complete harmony with each other for over 15 minutes, while totally blindfolded!

A dancer, a dance-teacher, a dance-therapist, a choreographer, Ma Prem Amiyo and Swami Chetan, both Osho disciples, show the way workshops on Gurdjieff Movements in many parts of the world for over 30 years now. After seeing a film about Gurdjieff called 'Meetings with great Men', Osho observed that there was nothing great about the film except the last ten minutes showing these movements. He asked Ma Amiyo to study them for three days. She viewed those ten-minute clips non-stop for three days and then Osho told her to lead a group on Gurdjieff Movements! Since then, she has never looked back and conducts these groups in many parts of the world and opened her school in Alsace, France. For participants, seeing stillness amid all this operation is a unique experience.

Gurdjieff Movements: Peak of Alertness Both bodily and mental

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